I-20 Corridor Youth

The mission of youth activities is to bring the individual/ smaller Muslim youth organizations under the banner of I-20 Corridor Youth Group.


The youth group will be multi-tiered.

  1. Pre Teen consists of group members from age 9 years to 12 years.
  2. Teen youth group has members from age 13 years to 18 years.

Boys and Girls groups will be run separately, however some activities could still
combined. Adult involvement is just for support only. Appropriate activities will be planed according to the age group.


  1. Learning and practicing Islam with each other.
  2. Providing a buddy/ mentor system to help with academics and
    career choices.
  3. Organizing Youth activities/ Sports.

Who We Are:

We’re a group of high school and college age youth and some adults whose only life’s purpose is to organize youth events – not! ? But we really love youth work and organizing events and activities, and we are grateful for the  opportunity of serving Islam and our Muslim Youth.

What We Do:

We organize youth programs, events, workshops, outings, lectures for the youth at Muslim Community Association. We also run the youth-group/ halaqas which cater to our youth on a weekly basis.


The Youth Committee’s main audience is youth of ages 9 to 18 years, but we also cater events to college age youth as well.

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